The Guadalupe Group is a regional group of the Sierra Club's Loma Prieta Chapter. We serve members in mid- and south Santa Clara County, and all of San Benito County, California, although all members are welcome. Our outings are primarily membership and conservation oriented short day hikes. Check the newsletter or chapter calendar for our general meeting times and programs, and executive committee meetings (open to public).

Guadalupe Regional Group Suspension

The GRG’s level of activism and leadership fell below minimum standards for a period of many years. This happened despite aid from the chapter and outreach to local Cool Cities committees. Although there was growth in the group’s outings program and improvement in general meeting attendance, the executive committee was understaffed and had problems recruiting new members. There was no meaningful local conservation effort. It is with regret that the GRG’s executive committee voted to ask the Loma Prieta Chapter to suspend the group for the reasons above. The Loma Prieta Chapter obliged. The GRG was not meaningfully serving its community, so a reorganization was deemed necessary to better accomplish that task.

The GRG’s outings program that includes four leaders will merge with the Peninsula Regional Group in order to continue the chapter and club support activities. The South Santa Clara and San Benito hikes will continue. The Santa Clara Railroad Museum will be made available for chapter general meetings.

The former GRG executive committee members are aware of the loss of a contact point for South Santa Clara and San Benito County members. Towards restoring some measure of contact there is a feasibility study underway to create a chapter Activities Section focused on South Santa Clara and San Benito County. The activities section would organize hikes and general meetings along with a conservation effort. An activities section has less “overhead” than a regional group. If you would like to be a part of this effort, contact Shawn Britton at
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