Guadalupe Regional Group Restoration Meeting

The Guadalupe Regional Group (GRG) is currently suspended. Gary Latshaw is leading the effort to revive it.

Several of us in the area would like to re-establish the Guadalupe Group. The group we envision would mirror the goals and activities of the Sierra Club at the local level. We would engage with our elected officials on environmental issues; arrange for public awareness and education on environmental issues such as climate change; arrange for nature hikes/walks; encourage "smart growth," etc.

To kick-off the process, we will be showing one of the key episodes of "Cosmos." In this episode, the moderator, Dr. Neil de-Grasse Tyson, describes the serious consequences of climate change.

Free Light refreshments

Wednesday, Jan 21st, 7:30-9:30 PM in Cupertino

Click here to Register - There is only room for 45.