The Loma Prietan - July 2014

Come Hike, Walk, Stroll or SAUNTER With Us!

Imagine your ideal day outdoors ... And find it with us!

By Rebecca Ratcliff

Half Moon Bay new member hike  Photo: Shawn Britton
Half Moon Bay new member hike Photo: Shawn Britton

Sierra Club chapter outings– like our members – come in all shapes and types. We take the "Enjoy" in the Sierra Club Motto, "Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the Planet" seriously. These activities are a great membership perk and a great way to get to know other members as well as local natural treasures.  Whatever your interests or experience level, you can find something to tickle your fancy on our calendar.

Do you dream of working your way up a steep narrow track that crests to reveal a well-earned vista below? Hankering for a cool beach stroll? Or maybe you prefer little-used trails with great food or a wine tasting at the end.  Remember how especially delicious al fresco meals taste? If your dog needs an outing, we’ve got those too.  Come scale a new peak with an experienced leader. Learn to shoot the rapids with our white water paddlers.  Perhaps you’ve never backpacked, but want to try: Great, we welcome newcomers!

From Big Basin to Half Moon Bay and Big Sur to the Sierra mountains – Club outings cover the gamut.  Carpools can help you get there and lighten your carbon footprint.  Come meet some kindred spirits or simply hang out with convivial companions while enjoying nature.

Hikes are open to the public as well as Sierra Club Members and are free, except for such fees as parking or Park entrance charges.  Experienced volunteer leaders conduct each of these trips, so you can explore new areas.

    * You don't need to know anyone; newcomers are welcome. *

Every month offers all sorts of options – take a look at the following dozens of listings and come explore with us – the Peninsula and beyond:  For a more descriptive view, click on the “List” or “Print” tabs at the top of the calendar.

For further information and more details on the various Outings Sections that sponsor trips, go to and click on the section name for additional details.

It's Summer! Time to take a Hike. 

Here are a few of the many upcoming hikes and other outdoor adventures:

7/16/2014 Mid Week Hike Russian Ridge OSP organized by Loma Prieta Singleaires

7/19/2014 Big Basin Hollow Tree Loop Hike organized by Loma Prieta Gay and Lesbians

​7/20/2014 **Corte de Madera OSP Mini Hike 0rganized by Loma Prieta Singleaires

7/20/2014 Point Lobos State Reserve 2A Hike 0rganized by Loma Prieta Singleaires

7/23/2014 Hike Wunderlich County Park organized by Loma Prieta San Mateo Hiking Section

8/03/2014 Dumbarton Bridge to Cooley Landing, Mini Hike organized by Loma Prieta Singleaires

8/09/2014 Forest of Nisene Marks organized by Loma Prieta Day Hiking Section

8/16/2014 Forest of Nisene Marks New Member Hike and Mapping Party organized by Peninsula Regional Group


Author Bio: Rebecca Ratcliff works as a science and technology writer and editor in Silicon Valley and as a pro bono advocate for walking & bicycling