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Each year, the Loma Prieta Chapter helps to elect strong environmental candidates by publishing our endorsements and promoting the candidates among our 16,000 members and many supporters. We count on your funding to help us fulfill this important educational mission. Donations will benefit publishing our special endorsement newsletters “Election Insights”. We need to raise $10,000 to publish our 2014 "Election Insights" newsletters in the spring and fall.

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Loma Prieta Political Committee

Are you concerned about conservation, habitat protection, and energy policy? Do you have an interest in politics? Do you have an interest in the political process? Do you want laws that protect public involvement in the political process? Do you want laws that protect our environment? If so... Join the Loma Prieta Sierra Club Political Committee and help elect environmentally friendly candidates!  We endorse and support environmental candidates for local, state, and Congressional races as well as lobbies elected officials on Sierra Club priority issues. We focus on races that of interest to our volunteers and important for the envvironment in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Benito Counties.

2014 Update

Ann Schneider, Political Committee Co-Chair, invited successful candidates who we endorsed to a brainstorming at her home. About twenty, now elected officials, showed up and provided good feedback on the support we gave them. One significant comment was on the helpfulness of an early endorsements. Because campaign materials must be ordered in advance, the ability to state our endorsement early on would be helpful to our endorsees.

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2014 Actions

    By early February, the filings for candidates will be finalized. At that point we can begin to create the endorsement teams and set up interivews. As important as the interviews are, it would be helpful for both Gary Latshaw and Ann Schneider to know what environmental issues you have with your local candidates. You can contact them at the email: 

 Politicial* (change  * to  @)

We will have endorsements for both the Primary in June as well as the general election in November. The primaries are important since public participation is low, and non-enviromentalists have a greater participation.

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