The Peninsula Regional Group is a regional group within the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club.  Our members are residents of the area from Redwood City extending south to northern Santa Clara County, California.

The Loma Prieta Chapter is one of the many chapters that constitute the national Sierra Club. The Chapter includes San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Benito Counties. We have an active and growing Region and Chapter with something for just about everyone.

We have an outings program of hikes and family oriented outings.

We follow certain local development issues, especially those that may have impacts on the Baylands, Transportation, and Sustainability. Some of the ongoing initiatives for 2014 include the Cool Cities Initiative, Save the Baylands/Stop DMB/Cargill’s Saltworks development, periodic Outings, Hikes, Community Meetings, Movies, Teach-ins, Beach Cleanups, Transportation and Family Friendly activities.

Do you have an idea for something you would like to see our regional goup become more involved with?  We welcome any and all of your suggestions; email Gita Dev Vice Chair at: